Monday, March 10, 2008


well, as a testament to the ubiquity of the internet, there is now a small wooden shack in Ghorepani, Nepal, with 5 computers and a satellite connection. the only way this could have gotten here is a 2 day trip by donkey. the trail's been great, and we've been climbing up and up and up (now at 2700m) and we have a long way to go until base camp. we'll be doing poon hill tomorrow morning. the climb is a constant rock staircase, and last night before arriving at our teahouse/lodge we climbed about 1000 ft straight up. waking up and looking out it seemed like we on top of a 100 story building to the towns down in the valley; the moms would def not have liked it, as even I had to step back after first seeing how far down it looked. we also had a bomb view of Annapurna south right out our window this morning.

so we might wander over and check out the view some more (hopefully the good weather continues!) and then go check out the local volleyball game (locals vs. guides, I think). Emma's getting stronger by the minute, but still is wary of the next few days, checking the topographic map often (ps. we still have 8000 ft to climb).

talk to you soon and love you all.
chris and em


dave said...

It might be an old wives' tale (or an old-boys' tale), but I hear beer is like a miracle-cure for altitude sickness. Good luck with the next 8000 feet! If you run out of interesting hiking material, let me restock your arsenal: "I used to work in Chicago, in a big department store..."

Sean McCarron said...

emma is so soft, and not in a cuddly teddy way, but like a, "i can't climb any more damn stone steps" kinda way