Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting out of dodge

The morning was a bit stressful as predicted. I was pretty much on the phone all morning with work while Emma did everything to pack to get ready to go. (Emma's dictating here.) I chose a pack that is too small, although it is really cool - only 3400 cubic inches. Once backpacking we'll be able to get it to carry more stuff, but until then, Emma's bag is bigger (Chris says bulkier) and 6 pounds heavier (indisputable). Ah well. We'll see which pack the heavy stuff ends up in once we start gaining vertical feet.

A few of the last minute phone calls included: getting details straightened out between our web hosting company and our web design company. I'll be doing a bit of development work while in New Zealand before shipping the laptop home. Another phone call was to the Mommacita, asking her to send my international certificate of immunization to the hostel we will be staying at in Dunedin. Turns out it's required in order to enter Africa -- small detail. Typical airhead Chris.

In between phone calls, April, Peter and I are discussing the merits of bringing the nice camera case. We're bringing a digital camera that's got a pretty sweet zoom even though it's a compact rather than an SLR. The case has built-in padding and even has a hidden pocket with a pull out waterproof case cover. Mom could have spent an hour giving a sales pitch on this thing. Emma's still in bed, trying to give the no-go (because we don't have room in my pack). I put my laptop down on the corner of the bed to go over and examine the camera bag myself. Emma rolls over and -- oh sh!t -- her leg extends in such a way to lift the covers and nudge the precariously balanced laptop over the edge of the bed, landing very hard on the floor. Eh, it happens all the time, right? Well, we open it up and a third of the monitor is black, another third is nicely striped, and the last third shows Windows Vista perfectly.

Eventful morning. I'm typing this on Emma's computer, which has better music anyway. Other than, we got to the airport and on the plane without a hitch!

In case you're wondering about the mobile pharmacy we got going, I'm bringing:
Tylenol - headaches
Advil - joints
Aleve - arthritis? I dunno, my mom packed that one.
Vicadin - Real pain
Dioxycyline - Malaria
Ciproflaxin - Traveler's diarrhea
Arithromyacin - Travel's diarrhea

And here's Emma with her list;

Malarone - Malaria
Ciproflaxin - Traveler's diarrhea
Arithromyacin - Travel's diarrhea
Levothyroxine - thyroid meds
Dramamine - no puking
Iron - get strong
PeptoBismol - tummy medicine
Ambien - pass out!
Immodium - plug ya up!
Lactaid pills - eat some cheese!

Maybe we'll write a bit more once we land in Auckland.


Peter Spiro said...

I have to say I was impressed that no one freaked out when the computer fell.

Stay in the T!

chelsea said...

nice meds list...i expect a detailed report on the stomach problems. we miss you guys!

Crosby said...

Good to see you're so well-prepared for diarrhea. If it were me, though, that would be the least of my concerns -- you didn't include Jager in your list of meds...

K.O. said...

emma my dear,
were i you (and i know that i am not...) i would take it easy on the iron. iron was in my multi-vitamin in india and i was locked up big-time, if you know what i'm saying. worst part was that i ingested water, so i had the high fever and the shakes and the immense pain that radiates outward from the spine but no diarrhea (because i was just too locked up..). it was too bad because the diarrhea is what i needed to get the badness out of my system.

just be careful.